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Take a peek at my  latest adventures...

Small everyday moments captured. 

arts & shoes - montreal

Old Montreal was full of wonderful coffee shops, vintage stores, and poutin stands. I of course, found my way to the shoes. 


montreal art copy.heic

mimosas - san francisco

How else would I celebrate my first trip to the West Coast?



stunning sunset -  gjirokstra

Gjirokstra's unique architecture and archaic urban design centers around one thing: their stone roofs. With cobblestone streets and steep inclinces, the city truly rests on the mountain.

Hotel Kostra - 07.09.22

Screen Shot 2023-07-23 at 9.23.17 PM.png

pablo picasso - barcelona

After taking Art History for two years, I knew the Pablo Picasso museum was a must-see. Guernica resides in Madrid but the Barcelona museum still held plenty of amazing pieces.


Pablo Picasso Museum - 05.05.23


Dream Destinations

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